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Step 2: choosing your LEDs!

Different kinds of LEDs serve different purposes. I will cover my experience with them and my recommendation to you below in order of how I believe you should approach your LED sets.

Basic overview:

beginners: 2c strobes and thumb lights if you want

intermediate: 2c strobes with 3c strobes as middle fingers. addition of palm lights and thumb lights as desired.

advanced: 1-2(3peat)/3c/7c/6c strobes

really advanced/pro: make your own! you need no tutorials!

1st set: 2color strobes. Why? Because they have a nice sized gap in between illuminating colors. What does that mean? you don’t have to be fluid at all and it’ll look smooth as can be.

Pick two colors you like and get 8 LEDs in that pattern (example: Pink Blue). Why? because everyone who tries to get inventive comes up with some weird shit that doesn’t look right, especially during their first stab at it. Also, the easiest tricks look best with a uniform set, trust me.

3color strobes: If you get a little more comfortable gloving, or you want to switch things up a bit, these are great. The gap isnt as big, but its there, meaning you have to be a little more fluid than with 2c strobes to look clean. Also, if you are using a 2c strobe set like PurG (purple Green), add 2 3c strobes (purple white green) with another color as middle fingers like PurWG to add a new dynamic to your show (you can see a lot of glovers doing this in their own personal videos)

Ribbons: I personally dont like these, you have to make your moves very big to use these, and often times they will over power your adjacent finger strobes. IF you want them, do 4x 3c strobes and 4x 3c ribbons. alternate each finger.

Hyper strobes: look great if you turn the light around and use for a thumb light (inverted thumbs) and only turn them on during bass drops (or use in the beginning of a show before your finger lights are on).

we’re getting pretty advanced here, I’ll post another step soon!

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